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We have 19 teams signed up and 6 have not paid. If you are 1 of the 6, I suggest you get paid asap because the waiting list will start after 20 paid teams. I will start deleting the teams that signed up first and did not pay.We will only start a waiting list if all teams have paid!! GET YOUR ENTRY FEE IN!!

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Good morning...........finals will be held tomorrow 9-23-2023 in Lindsay Nebraska. We will be donating all of our service, all meat, all cookers and our time to help a family in need. Please come down

Well, the time has come. The last event of 2023. 8 MWBA Teams will be cooking for the Dohmen Family, and 100% of all the money collected, will go towards their medical expenses. The teams will be: Bar Saturday will be here before you know it. Couple of things. Get you entry fee paid today...don't lose your spot. Second....beans optional........please let me know if you are planning

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