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We have 19 teams signed up and 6 have not paid. If you are 1 of the 6, I suggest you get paid asap because the waiting list will start after 20 paid teams. I will start deleting the teams that signed up first and did not pay.We will only start a waiting list if all teams have paid!! GET YOUR ENTRY FEE IN!!

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McCook Event

Just a reminder that McCook is this Saturday. Jamie, our honey hook-up will be there with his FAMOUS honey.........Look forward to seeing everyone and please travel safe!!

Good Afternoon to all!!

Summer is officially here which means....BBQ Season has started. Here is a quick rundown for this month. June 15th, Rely for Life in York. We have 14 teams signed up so far. The event will be held at

Kearney- Faith Christian School

Good morning!! It's almost time for the first competition of the year! Here are some details for the cook: Place: Buffalo County Fairgrounds Ag Pavillion Setup: Today anytime after 3:30pm Meat handou


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