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Current Teams

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French Fries and BBQ

Pitmaster: Tyler Andreasen 

Member Since: 2022

Location: Grand Island, NE 

Phone: (308)-708-0846 


Started smoking food 10 years ago. In 2018/2019 I started doing BBQs on the side for friends and family. In 2022, I decided to step into the BBQ competition world and did 3 competitions and was hooked. This will be my third year in the MWBA.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 105231.png

Pits and Spits BBQ

Pitmasters: Shane Anderson and Aaron Mckinney 

Team Cooks: Lindsay Anderson and Monica Mckinney 

Member Since: 2023

Location: Wauneta, NE 

Phone: (308)-414-0018 (Shane), (308)-883-1817 (Aaron)


We started our BBQ adventure in our backyards in our hometown of Wauneta, NE.  We both had stand up wood chip smokers and tried smoking some chickens.  It started out well until we went to our first BBQ competition.  We were dead last, and that started our obsession of good BBQ.  We both upgraded to Pit-Boss pellet grills and never looked back.  We have been traveling to various competitions with a homemade wood fire smoker.  We love it and love to compete.  We joined MWBA to enjoy friendly and fair competition and learn new techniques.

McNorm Bar-B-Que

Mc Norm logo.png

Pitmaster: Tom Norman

Member Since: 2023

Location: Lincoln, NE


Phone: (501)-908-3056 

I have been doing backyard BBQ for about 20 years. I retired in June of 2022 and one of my goals is to begin doing more amateur competitions. I did my first competition last year and was very fortunate to place 3rd.I look forward to traveling Nebraska and smoking meat!

Bare Butt BBQ

Bare Butt_edited.jpg
Pitmaster: Ted Ball
Team Cook: Kim Kayl, Jacey Ball

Member Since: 2021
Location: Vermillion, SD
E-Mail: tedballjr
Phone: (712)-899-8582

Team Bio Coming Soon!

Beef N Que

Pitmasters: Brandon Barwick and Mike Hoffman
Team Cooks: Galen “Wink” Winkler and Amber Barwick

Member Since: 2021
Location: Hastings, NE and Juniata, NE
Phone: (402) 469-4648 (Brandon), (402) 461-2054 (Mike)

We are a competition BBQ team from the Hastings, NE area. After several years of cooking for family and friends we decided to try our hand at competition BBQ. We joined the MWBA in 2021, and cooked in two competitions that year.  We look forward to cooking with the MWBA for many years to come and have enjoyed the lifelong friends we have made along the way.

Bugeaters BBQ

Pitmaster: Jeff Merz
Member Since: 2024
Location: Kearney, NE
Phone: (308) 293-1287

Team Bio Coming Soon!

Pitmaster: Adam Wolf  
Team Cooks: Quentin Smith, Stephanie Smith
Member Since: 2016
Location: Grand Island, NE
Phone: (701)-426-9712

Team Bio Coming Soon!

Cook'n With Wood
2023 Team of the Year

Pitmaster: Lee Hircock
Team Cook: Brent Keslar

Member Since: 2015
Location: Hazard, NE
Phone: (308)-212-0322

I was exposed to smoking meats in the early 80's at the UNL meat lab. Loved every minute of it!  I started smoking meats on my own in the late 80's.  My first smoker was an old International fridge with a hot plate.  I now compete on Hunsaker Vortex drums.  I have enjoyed success in the MWBA and the KCBS.

Dragon's BBQ

Dragon's BBQ.jpg
Pitmaster: Will Haley
Team Cook: Jacki Connery
Member Since: 2022
Location: Pleasanton, NE
Phone: (785)-630-0570

Started off grilling when I was teenager with my uncle, and it took off from there. I got hooked to the smoking of food in my mid twenties and never looked back. We love to cook! From just feeding the neighbors and friends, to competition.


Pitmaster: Jordan Moss
Member Since: 2024
Location: Belle Plaine, KS
Phone: (785) 217-3747

I started bbqing in my 20's, and quickly fell in love with doing it at home and competitively.  I did and event with the MWBA in 2022 and really enjoyed the people and events.

Flatwater Smokers

flatwater smokers banner art-02.png
Pitmaster: Owen Kruger
Team Cook: Clark Bauer
Member Since: 2020
Location: Kearney, NE
Phone: (308)-440-4246

Flatwater Smokers have been competing since 2017.  A family with great friends builds this team. We love BBQ and the competitions.  The Grill Crew always looks forward to meeting new people and making new friends on the competition circuit.  We specialize in SMOKED, GRILLED, and WOOD INFUSED BBQ with a Nebraskan style flair.


Also did we mention we carry /stock some of the best BBQ RUBS, SPICES, SAUCES, PELLETS, WOOD, CHARCOAL, GRILLS, SMOKERS, and BBQ TRAILERS in Central Nebraska!!!!


We enjoy the BBQ Competitions so much we just keep on going, so if ya see us stop by and chat with us about BBQ!!!

Great Plains Smoke

Pitmaster: David Giron
Member Since: 2024
Location: Ogallala, NE
Phone: (308)-350-0069

Been studying and practicing at home for many years, knowing that someday we would like to get into competition BBQ.  That time is now, and we're excited to put our skills to the test against the best.


Pitmaster: J.D. Adams
Member Since: 2017
Location: Omaha, NE

We've been a competitive BBQ team since 2017. Our passion for BBQ and outdoor cooking has been passed down through a long lineage of Pit Masters.

Kickin Bull

Kickin' Bull.jpg
Pitmaster: Mark May
Member Since: 2021
Location: Plainview, NE

Phone: (402)-649-0490

We are a competition BBQ team out of Plainview, Nebraska.  We also like to do catering for weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc. Nothing better than great BBQ and great friends!

Killin Grillin BBQ

Pitmaster: Kevin Bremer
Team Cook: Gayle Bremer & Jim Peetz
Member Since: 2016
Location: Palmer, NE
Phone: (402)-640-8704

We have been smoking for over 8 years. We also do catering for all kinds of events. We have catered for groups of 25 up to 350. Our specialty is brisket. We are married with 4 grown children, 7 grand children.

Mangers Meats

MWBA Team Logo Coming Soon_edited.png
Pitmasters: Ty & Ryan aka: New Kids on the Block
Member Since: 2022
Location: Juniata, NE

When we're not beating our meat, we're smoking it!


Pitmasters: Mark Gillming & Amy Gillming
Member Since: 2024
Location: Elm Creek, NE
Phone: (308) 708-0714

Old Team- New name. Previously MWBA's Big Red BBQ. We've been smoking in the Kearney area for almost 10 years. Never met a tailgate we didn't love, and we look forward to competing again in the MWBA!

Round Belly BBQ

Round Belly BBQ_edited.png
Pitmaster: Bryan Hake
Team Cook: Collins Haag
Member Since: 2020
Location: Palmer, NE

We're here to drink beer, beat Killin Grillin BBQ and have some fun doing it!

Slick's BBQ
2023 Rookie Team of the Year

image000000 (4).jpg
Pitmaster : Brandon Johns
Member Since: 2023
Location: Lincoln, NE
Phone: (402)-429-3749

I have been smoking and barbecuing for at least 20 years. I'm a self-taught cook that learned how to BBQ by watching BBQ competition shows. My signature meats to cook are Pork Ribs and Pork Shoulder. I have smoked brisket, which always turned out good, but wanting to learn on a competitive level. Everyone that I have cooked for has told me my cooking is way better than any BBQ they have had in the past. 

Smoking Aces

Smoking Aces logo.jpg
Pitmasters: Randy Gant and Chris Niemann
Member Since: 2024
Location: Dwight, NE
Phone: (402) 803-9250 (Randy), (402) 646-5684 (Chris)

We are fairly new to competition BBQ. We started in (2022) at a local competition and really enjoyed it. Decided to take it up a notch and now looking forward to a fun year with MWBA.

Smokey Pig BBQ

Smokey Pig BBQ FINAL NBG.png
Pitmaster : Sheila Woodward
Team Cook: Mary Hill
Member Since: 2018
Location: York, NE
Phone: (402)-366-5132

 I (Sheila) started in the backyard in 2009 on a small offset smoker. My first brisket was a disaster, but with lots of practice and patience things got much better.  I started cooking for friends and family events; birthdays, graduations, weddings and just for fun. In 2017 Mary and I entered our first competition. We joined MWBA 2018.

Smokey and the Bandits

Pitmaster : Mark Hogue
Member Since: 2020
Location: Central City, NE
Phone: (308)-379-2229

I've been smoking meats since 2013. I started out with one 30-inch electric smoker, and then moved up to two 40-inch electric smokers. ​What started out as a hobby turned into competing (for fun) at the local Legion Club fundraiser and smoking meat for people wanting it for graduations, weddings, birthday parties & any other type of gatherings. In 2020, I decided to join the MWBA. I enjoy meeting fellow Pitmasters and teams at competitions!

Kearney-South Side Smokers

South Side Smokers Logo.png
Pitmaster : Craig Peshek
Team Cooks: Mike Schlager, Jori Pearson
Member Since: 2024
Location: Kearney

Phone: (308)-440-6949

The Kearney-South Side Smokers started out as a group of neighbors and friends in 2010.  We’ve done KCBS and MWBA events. If it’s in a driveway or in a competition we have fun, enjoy the comradery, listen to some good house-rock ’n blues music and most importantly, Keep in Real because were from the South-Side.

Wild Boar

Pitmaster : Jared Sprunk
Team Cooks: Mike Sprunk, Alice Sprunk, Amanda Richards

Member Since: 2016
Location: Platte Center, NE

I went with my bother-in-law to a smoking competition and really enjoyed it. I thought I would give it a try for myself.

The following year I was smoking with a Charbroil wood charcoal smoker at competitions. We ended up landing Top 5 and winning Rookie of the Year for the 2016 season.

I have upgraded smokers since, and now currently use a Backyard Jambo wood charcoal smoker.


Every year we improve our technique and end in higher placements within the competition.

We enjoy cooking for family get togethers and graduations.

Our favorite meats to cook are ribs and pork butt.

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