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Point Structure & Calculation

-Every MWBA Team automatically receives 25 points for each contest it competes in.

-Additional points are earned based on OVERALL contest placement, no matter how many categories. Those points are as follows:

  1st place gets 100 points

  2nd place gets 75 points

  3rd place gets 50 points

  4th - 10th place gets 25 points

  11th-20th gets 15 points

(Non-member teams do not earn points)

*Only during MWBA Finals will teams earn points in each individual  meat category*

**If you plan on competing in 2 events, you MUST become a member. If you are a current member, dues must be paid.** 

2023  Standings

Place     Team Name                 Points

1st       Cookin with Wood          (975)

2nd      Beef N Que                     (825)

3rd       Dragon's BBQ                 (750)

4th       Killin Grillin BBQ             (725)

5th       Kickin Bull BBQ               (575)

6th       Slick's BBQ                      (425)

7th       Wild Boar                        (365)

8th       Can't Beat Our Meat      (290)

9th       McNorm's BBQ               (280)

10th      Round Belly BBQ           (265)

11th      Smokin Smith                 (240)

12th      French Fries                    (190)

12th      Smokey Pig                    (190)

14th      Pits and Spits                 (165)

15th      Broken BBQ                   (100)

16th      Bare Butt BBQ                 (50)

16th      Managers Meats              (50)

16th      Sugar Bone BBQ             (50)

16th      Don't Have a Que           (50)

16th     Just Blowin Smoke           (50)

1st Event @ Champion, NE

Place     Team Name

1st          Pits and Spits BBQ (125 points)

2nd        Cook'n With Wood (100 points)

3rd         KIllin Grillin (75 Points)

4th         French Fries (50 Points)

5th         Dragons BBQ (50 Points)

6th         Slick's BBQ (50 points)

7th         McNorm Bar-B-Que (50 points)

2nd Event @ York, NE 

Place     Team Name

1st         Beef N Que (125 points)

2nd       Smokin Smith (100 points) 

3rd        Killin Grillin (75 points) 

4th        Slick's BBQ (50 points) 

5th        Smokey Pig (50 points) 

6th        McNorm Bar B Que (50 points)

7th        Dragon's BBQ (50 points)

8th        Can't Beat Our Meat (50 points)

3rd Event @ Kearney, NE (BBQ on the Bricks)

Place     Team Name

1st         Can't Beat Our Meat (125 points)

2nd        Beef N Que (100 points) 

3rd         Cook'n With Wood (75 points) 

4th         Dragon's BBQ (50 points) 

5th         French Fries (50 points) 

6th         Smokin Smith(50 points) 

7th         Killin Grillin (50 points) 

8th         McNorms (50 points) 

9th         Slick's BBQ (50 points) 

10th       Round Belly (50 points) 

11th      Smokey Pig (40 points) 

12th       Pits and Spits (40 points) 

4th Event @ Juniata, NE 

Place     Team Name

1st         Cook'n With Wood (125 points)

2nd        Beef-N-Que (100 points)

3rd         Dragons BBQ (75 points)

4th         Round Belly (50 points)

5th         Wild Boar (50 points)

6th         Kickin Bull (50 points)

7th         Managers Meats (50 points)

8th         Killin Grillin (50 points)

9th         Smokin Smith (50 points)

10th       Don't Have a Que (50 points)

11th       McNorm (40 points)

2022 Standings

Place     Team Name

1st         Cook'n With Wood

2nd       Killin Grillin BBQ

3rd        Round Belly BBQ

4th        Kickin Bull

5th        Just Blowin Smoke

6th        Bare Butt BBQ

7th        Dragon's BBQ

8th       Beef N Que 

9th        Can't Beat Our Meat BBQ

10th      Slicks BBQ

11th      Smokey PIg BBQ

12th      Grill Master 

13th     Comin' In Smokin' Hot

14th      Managers Meats
15th     Bear Bite

16th      Just Blowin' Smoke               

17th      Flatwater Smokers                 

18th      Smokey and the Bandits       

19th      JD's BBQ Pit                           

20th      920 Smoke                             

5th Event @ Imperial, NE 

Place     Team Name

1st         Dragon's BBQ (125 points)

2nd       Killin Grillin (100 points)

3rd        Cookin With Wood  (75 points)


2021 Standings

Place     Team Name

1st         Kickin' Bull

2nd       Killin Grillin BBQ

3rd        Wild Boar

4th        Comin' In Smokin' Hot

5th        Just Blowin Smoke

6th        Bare Butt BBQ

7th        Beef n' Que

8th        Smokey Pig BBQ

9th        Bear Bite BBQ

10th      Round Belly BBQ

11th      Big Chief

12th      JD's BBQ Pit

13th      Flatwater Smokers

14th      Rowdy Rott
15th      920 Smoke

2020 Standings

Place     Team Name

1st         Cook'n With Wood

2nd       Wild Boar

3rd        920 Smoke

4th        Three Dawgs & A Bone

5th        Just Blowin Smoke

6th        Smoker Jokers

7th        Pappy's BBQ

8th        Smokey & the Bandits

9th        KGB

10th      Round Belly BBQ

11th      Smokey Pig BBQ

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