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About Us

The Midwest BBQ Association, or MWBA, is an organization based out of Nebraska offering an instructional and learning atmosphere along with an organized cooking circuit for amateur level competitive BBQ Teams & Members.

The MWBA was founded by 2 separate competitive BBQ teams native to Nebraska. In our Journey through BBQ we became overwhelmed with the amount of Interest there was in Competition BBQ. In Discovering this interest it was also introduced that there where a number of teams/individuals with interest in more however discouraged at how many differences there where event to event. The founders of MWBA saw this as an open door and initiative to develop a more organized standard to the amateur level competitions to rebuild this interest shown by so many. The Founders believe firmly in supporting not only their communities but others. We have found that alot of your amateur comps. or "small town" competitions are a result of different community organizations using the wonderful world of BBQ as a fundraising venture while at the same time offering a fun and friendly function for the entire family. It is one goal of the MWBA to create a successful program for our members but an additional goal to potentially help the smaller communities such as ours strive and offer that infamous "something to do" right at home! This whole idea started with a bet that created amongst ourselves and a couple of other teams that we regularly competed with at these competitions that went like this: We had developed a novelty traveling trophy that circulated through the group, it was an easy concept, the lowest scoring team at the event had the honor of having to where this god awful pampered chef dress from the 80's at the next event and so on. It was amazing and enlightening at the same time at the interest that this joke, for lack of a better term, had created. Before long we had a number of teams wanting in on what we called "The Dress Code" competition, we even had spectators or general public that would travel to the different events we where doing just to see who got to see who had to wear the dress next! AT THIS POINT THE MIDWEST BBQ ASSOCIATION (MWBA) WAS BORN!

Amatuers practice until they get it right, Professionals practice until they cant get it wrong…

Our Mission

Midwest BBQ Association is dedicated to the teaching and advancement of the art of competition barbecue. As an organization the Midwest BBQ Association sponsors and hosts competitions in local communities that encourage enthusiasm for the art of competitive barbecue by developing and cultivating new and existing members with education, fair competition and various activities. The Midwest BBQ Association is a charitable organization that focuses on promoting good stewardship by helping children, families and community organizations. Regardless, of the members level of expertise, we all share the passion and desire to develop our skills as competitive BBQ teams.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier association of BBQ cookers in Nebraska and the Tri-State area.  We continue to grow our reach and helping communities in their goal in fundraising opportunities.  We want to help provide assistance to the future BBQ generations in proper techniques, standards, and sportsmanship.

Join Us!

The Midwest BBQ Association is always looking for new members.  No matter if you are just an average Joe or a Tuffy Stone, we want you to help us!  

We Need Your Support Today!

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