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McCook Update:

Just some quick information on the McCook Event August 18th. The meats are ribs and bone in pork butts. I will be there Friday to hand out meat if you want it then. The only rule we have is once you get your meat, you will not be allowed to leave the event grounds. You MUST plan on staying there all night. Right now, we have 12 teams and still have room for a few more. We will be paying 1 thru 5 in each meat. Just FYI, the pay outs will be $900.00 for 1st, $700.00 for 2nd, $500.00 for 3rd and 4th and 5th will each receive $200.00..............GREAT PAYOUTS!!!! Might want to look at your schedules and come to McCook to participate. Look forward to seeing everyone the 18th!!!

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