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Good Afternoon to all!!

Summer is officially here which means....BBQ Season has started.

Here is a quick rundown for this month. June 15th, Rely for Life in York. We have 14 teams signed up so far. The event will be held at the fairgrounds which mean, bring your campers and family and make a weekend out of it! Always a great event!!

June 22nd. McCook Off BBQ in McCook Ne. It will be held at the golf course and we will be making Brisket. Slices, burnt ends and beans. Prize pool is $1,750.00 per category. Right now we have 12 teams ready to have a great time!!

June 29th. Smoke on the Broadway in Imperial Ne. We will be cooking ribs, brisket and pork butts. $5,000.00 prize pool.

May 4th of this year we did out first cook for Faith Christen School, and they served over 500 people!!!! Great Event!!

Check out our calendar and plan on coming to some of the events. Hope to see you all soon!!!!

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Just got off the phone with Mathew....Brisket, butts, ribs and beans. Each meat will pay $1,500 per and the beans will pay $500.00. All categories will be judged and scored so ........come prepared! L

McCook Event

Just a reminder that McCook is this Saturday. Jamie, our honey hook-up will be there with his FAMOUS honey.........Look forward to seeing everyone and please travel safe!!

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I am looking into joining you all one day in the competition. I am new so I was going to come to York to observe and see how people have their stalls setup and things like that. Is there a turn in schedule so I can plan when to be down there? Thanks!

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