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Finals in Lindsay Nebraska

Just wanted to let everyone know Finals will be in Lindsay Nebraska June 23rd. This year will be hosting a BBQ for the Darrelle and CeCe Doman family. They have been hit with HUGE medical bills and are needing the community and the MWBA support. Also, thru Jane and the Pork Producers, they have donated most of the Pork meat and money to make this possible! Thank you, Jane and the Pork Producers!!!

It is very important to let me know if you are planning on cooking this event. I will order the meat accordingly. If you tell me you are cooking, I will take that as a I Owe You for the meat.

you can either DM, text or call me to secure. Also, if you would like to contribute to this couple, call, text or DM me and I will make sure this will happen.

The couple in Lindsay need the MWBA support and we will be there in Force!!!

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