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Good morning...........finals will be held tomorrow 9-23-2023 in Lindsay Nebraska. We will be donating all of our service, all meat, all cookers and our time to help a family in need. Please come down to Lindsay and support the Dohmen family!!!

Here are our CURRENT points standing with our you can see, it is anyone's chance to claim the Grand Champion team of the MWBA 2023. Good luck to all!!!!

1st Beef N Que---- 825

2nd Cookn’ with Wood--- 775

3rd Killin’ Grillin’ BBQ---- 625

4th Dragon’s BBQ--- 575

5th Slicks BBQ--- 375

6th McNorm’s BBQ—330

7th Wild Boar--- 315

8th Can’t Beat Our Meat—290

9th Kickin’ Bull BBQ--- 275

10th Round Belly BBQ--- 265

11th Smokin’ Smith--- 240

12th French Fries—190

12th Smokey Pig—190

13th Pits & Spits--- 165

14th Bare Butt BBQ--- 150

15th Comin’ in Smokin’ Hot--- 125

16th Broken BBQ--- 100

17th Manger’s Meats—50

17th Sugar Bone BBQ--- 50

17th Don’t Have a Que—50

17th Just Blowin’ Smoke--- 50

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