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Are... You... Ready?

Spring is in the air... and so is the smell of BBQ competition. So break out your rigs and let's get smokin'!

We have a great lineup of competitions that include cash prizes, trophies, bragging rights, and of course, the coveted MWBA Traveling Belt. There's more to come, so be sure to visit the Events page to sign up for upcoming events and take advantage!

You don't have to be a MWBA member to compete, but members have more fun! So if you're not a member yet, what the hell are you waiting for?! Plus, all new members get the entry fee of their 2nd competition paid for by the MWBA. How sweet is that?

Hope to see you all out there, and remember, "If you're looking, you ain't cooking."

**The Creighton event has been canceled. The Kearney event has been moved to June 25th.**

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